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Our Future


Our story is the same from year to year, and generation to generation. Financial wisdom you can trust, warmly shared by a bank with the same ownership since our charter date in 1984. We’ve nurtured relationships with customers that last a lifetime and link the past to the present.

At Sage Capital Bank, we believe that the banking industry is undergoing a fundamental change. Customers are now highly mobile and constantly on the go and therefore they expect banking services that mirror their mobility. We understand this and are committed to providing the very best in online and mobile banking technologies.

We have learned over the years that continuity and change go hand-in-hand. We understand that a fresh approach to new experiences are vital in banking and in life, and with change comes the opportunity to grow and reach new heights.

Whether you prefer a traditional personal banking relationship or an online relationship, we’re here for you and will always strive to be the bank you want us to be. We are your neighbor. Your partner. Your bank. We are Sage Capital.