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Corporate Cash Management


Corporate Cash Management provides business customers secure access to account management features such as ACH and Wire Transfers. By simply logging on to our website, you can initiate transfers, originate ACH transactions, or wire funds electronically. The Corporate Cash Management service also allows the business account administrator to set access permissions for each employee of the business. This product is available in 4 tiers based upon the level of service needed.

Tier 1 ($10 monthly fee)

  • View account information on all accounts
  • Transfers money between accounts
  • View eStatements
  • View images of posted items
  • Pay loans
  • Securely manage user/employee access permissions

Tier 2 ($20 monthly fee)

  • All of the Tier 1 features
  • Create ACH payroll files or ACH drafts electronically

Tier 3 ($35 monthly fee)

  • All of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 features
  • Electronically create and submit wire transfers

Tier 4 ($65 monthly fee)

  • All features of Tiers 1, 2 and 3
  • Remote Deposit Capture

How Do I Sign Up?

For additional information please contact the Information Technology Department or Bookkeeping at 830.672.8585.